Advertising Settings: Opt-out of Interest-based ads on and Interest-based ads by Walmart DSP

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  • To successfully opt out of interest-based advertising, you must have cookies enabled in your web browser (see your browser’s instructions for information on cookies and how to enable them).
  • Opting out only applies to your current web browser on your current computer. If you use multiple computers or multiple web browsers, you must opt-out on each one.
  • Once you opt-out, if you delete your browser’s saved cookies, you will need to opt out again.
  • If you have opted-out of interest-based ads on previously and would like to opt-out of interest-based ads that are served by Walmart DSP on sites outside of Walmart, please resubmit an opt-out request on this page.
  • If you opt-out, you will still see advertisements, but they will not be tailored to you. You may still see interest-based advertising by other advertising platform providers on other sites.